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Understanding your business IT needs and requirements takes a dedicated team of professional experts who take pride in their work and the service they offer. 1st IT has been serving the community since 2000, and enjoys a strategic advantage in the field of IT support.

Our team of experienced specialists are invested in your future success, and believe in establishing your objectives and vision prior to offering a tailored solution. The solutions we offer not old suit your current business model, but also include technology that is easily expandable when you require it. Staying one step ahead of your future needs is important when it comes to technology and the expansion (or downsizing) of a business. We evolve with your business and remain flexible with our proposals and suggestions.

We consider all aspects of your business when preparing our solutions. Important factors that affect the environmental impact of our IT support, are always factored into our proposals. Offering you methods to reduce your carbon footprint, good IT system practices, as well as an array of other considerations that allow your business to evolve and grow.

1st IT are strategic partners with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Cisco, Dell and Net labs, whose robust technologies tick all the boxes when it comes to reliability and performance. Our solutions can also accommodate telephony, networking, hardware procurement and software integration, of course we are also able to marry your existing infrastructure as needed.

No matter your IT system requirements, you will find us responsive to your needs, after all many businesses and non-profit organisations rely on our IT solutions on a daily business. We cover all areas of London and the United Kingdom through our network of field consultants and technicians.

Send us your request today, and one of our experienced team will be happy to discuss your IT system requirements in detail, we are literally an email or phone call away.

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