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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing

The buzz around Cloud Computing looks set to continue. As more and more businesses choose cloud computing and cloud backup to access and manage their business critical information, they are experiencing a number of key benefits such as increased security and significant cost savings. Migration of your data to a cloud-based solution is easy and will be fully managed by our team of IT professionals.

The cloud enables businesses and individuals to access software, data, files, emails etc… all using the internet. If you have an email account with Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, you are accessing your emails in the cloud.

Cost Saving

The costs associated with implementing on-site servers are high, and many businesses simply don’t require that level of storage to justify the investment. By migrating your business data and information to the cloud, you only pay for the services and storage you need. It’s a flexible model that’s suitable for any business.

Security and reliable access

Cloud services are designed to ensure that your data is secure and accessible at all times. You don’t have to worry about disaster recovery of your cloud-hosted data, we manage all of that for you. This offers peace of mind to many businesses.

Freedom and Flexibility

Businesses are changing and employees are more mobile; flexibility in working methods and location is key. By storing your data in the cloud, your workforce can gain access to everything they need on their PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All they need is an internet connection.

Cloud Computing grows with your business

Businesses grow and change constantly and on-site technology setups are difficult to adapt and change to suit the business. By switching to a cloud model, you can be sure that as your business changes, your IT setup can too.

Private Cloud

At 1st IT we understand the many benefits offered to businesses when accessing their business critical software and data from the cloud.

That’s why we have developed the 1st IT Private Cloud. Now we can apply our expertise alongside our own cloud structure to ensure that you really are getting the services and support you need to manage full or part cloud access.

  • Access to a larger stable environment that you can shrink and grow to your business needs.
  • Guaranteed up time of 100%
  • Ongoing support from a team of experienced IT Consultants and professionals
  • Easier access and high uptime guarantees for business critical data and services
  • Energy efficient
  • OpEx as opposed to CapEx
  • Packages developed specifically to meet your needs
  • Affordable solutions
  • Secure and fully managed Cloud access

Cloud implementation process

Project scoping

Our team of experienced IT professionals will work with you and/or your existing IT department to assess your current IT infrastructure and understand your needs


Once the project scoping is complete we will then propose a cloud setup that will support your business over the long term.


After the project plan has been agreed and signed off, our team will get to work and begin implementing your cloud solution. This stage will include any customisation or migration services, as well as a formal handover and training period

Ongoing support

Once you’re up and running, don’t forget that we’re still here to offer user support and cloud monitoring services.

Microsoft Office 365

As software solutions become more established in the cloud, we are seeing more and more businesses migrating to cloud-only IT setups.

The cloud offers a number of key benefits for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft is now offering these benefits to their users with Microsoft Office 365, the cloud version of Office and their other business suites.

Microsoft Office 365

Say goodbye to downloading individual licences and updates on each computer used by a member of your workforce

Perfect for mobile workforces – access Microsoft Office from any device with a network connection. Keep your documents and data safe, secure, and backed up in the cloud.

Get access to four online suites: Microsoft Exchange for email, Lync for conferencing, SharePoint for collaboration and document storage, and Microsoft Office

Low cost subscription model: easy to update as your business needs change

Why would you choose 1st IT to implement Microsoft Office 365?

1st IT is proud to be a Microsoft Partner. Achieving this status means that we have been recognised for our skills and expertise in the Office 365 platform.

These skills and expertise make us the first port of call for businesses looking to switch over to a cloud model for their key business systems such as email, document management and workforce collaboration.

Our team of IT specialists can ensure that your switch to using Microsoft in the Cloud is seamless through:

  • Training and skills transfer to enable your internal staff to become self-sufficient with Office 365
  • Fully supporting your Office 365 applications as part of a managed services agreement
  • Migrate your existing Office environment (mail and data) across to Office 365
  • Configuration of the Office 365 environment, including account setup in a way that suits your business
  • Business case development: assessing the impact, costs and benefits of implementing a cloud solution

Google Apps for Business

Whether you are a business start-up or an established and growing business, it makes sense to consider a move to Google Apps. This established cloud-based platform offers businesses a solid bedrock of functionality which they can use to grow their operations.

From email access to websites, mobile applications, CRM and custom built web applications, the potential for your business when harnessing the power of Google Apps is amazing.

At 1st IT, our team of IT specialists are on hand to advise and guide you through the setup and migration process. We can assist with the development and build of custom applications, use Google Apps to link your existing systems, make it easier for a mobile and growing workforce, and more.
We can introduce you to our customers who are already using Google Apps, to give you an insight into the product and their satisfaction with it.

We can offer you a Google Apps package that is based on your business’ specific requirements

A well established brand and platform, Google are constantly investing in the services they offer to businesses

Fully cloud-based solutions, so a low chance of downtime

Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Google Apps is scalable and will seamlessly grow with your business

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